Positive Self Talk Affirmations CD by Vic Johnson

This Affirmations CD is produced by Vic Johnson, founder of AsAManThinketh.net, Goals2Go.com, MyDailyInsights.com and several other websites, and is currently only offered as part of the programs he sells or as a “Special One-Time Offer” at $19. I was able to secure a small bulk quantity of these CDs because the CD’s design and cover were changed, however, the content remains the same. I am passing my good fortune onto you by offering this powerful CD for just $9.49 – 1/2 the original price. This is a limited time offer – when they’re gone – they’re gone – so order now and take advantage of this special offer.




Read below what Ron White, two-time USA Memory Champ, says about the Affirmations CD:

Read What Ron White Says About Vic's Affirmations CD

Ron’s Story Of Winning The Usa Memory Championship Two Years In A Row Is Incredible But The Affirmations Cd Is Not Just For Improving Your Memory It’s For Changing Any Negative Programming You’ve Ever Received

Click Here To Listen To A FREE SAMPLE Of The Affirmations CD

Regular Use Of This High Definition Audio CD:

  • Rewires neural pathways to eliminate bad habits, stop procrastination, maximize weight loss, develop laser focus and create faith in your ability to achieve what you truly desire.
  • Overcomes years of negative programming and eliminates the self-sabotaging behavior that brings your best efforts to a screeching halt and stunts your personal growth.
  • Re-programs the mental script that lies at the heart of all anxiety problems, ranging from nervousness and extreme worrying to anxiety disorders.

For The Cost Of A Few Cups Of Starbucks Coffee You Can Make One Of The Best Investments Of Your Life And Create The Mindset You Need To Change Your Life. Order Now While Our Limited Supply Last And We’ll Ship To You Right Away So You Can Get Started.




Our Guarantee To You — If You Don’t Think This Affirmations CD Helps You Change Negative Beliefs & Habits Return It To US For A Full Refund

“A man is what he thinks about all day long”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The CD is shipped in a plain jewel case. | Please Accept Our Apologies That We Only Ship To The United States.

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