Self Talk CD by Vic Johnson

Positive Self Talk helped Vic Johnson transform his life from a life of lack to a life of luxury. Read his amazing transformation in his own words: “When it comes to achieving our goals and achieving any kind of real success the most important conversation you’ll have every day is the conversation you have with yourself. If your conversation is filled with negative self talk it’ll be reflected in your results. On the other hand, if your self talk is a constant stream of positive and reassuring self talk you’ll be confident and self assured when going after your goals. In my early 40s when my life was upside-down, my self talk was disastrous. A lifetime of wrong thinking and negative self talk had manifested itself in just about every way possible. After I identified it as the root cause of the problem I also learned that one of the best ways to turn negative self talk to positive is thru the use of affirmations.

Now please make sure and understand that affirmations alone will not make you successful as some people seem to think but they are a key tool to use to change your negative self talk. I found two ways to use affirmations that were effective for me; first, I took some affirmation that I really liked and I hand wrote them on the back of a stack of old business cards. I made two sets of what I called my truth cards and I always had a set near me—one in my car and one on my desk. I reviewed the deck of truth cards several times a day—taking the time to verbalize the truth on each card. I also found it extremely effective to listen to an affirmation audio every day. When I could I made a point to listen multiple times a day. It wasn’t long before this activity began working and I could tell that my self talk had definitely changed. 

Although it’s been years since I’ve had to use either of those techniques I still find myself with the same great self talk that I developed with these methods. I strongly encourage you to listen to the Affirmation CD several times a day or more in the beginning. If you’re in an environment where you can play it all of the time let it play in the background while you work or exercise. We’ve set it up so the affirmations are on their own track on the CD so you can set that track to repeat in your CD player and play it over and over and over. Even though you’re not directly listening the message will get thru to your subconscious. Spend at least 30 days with this CD before you judge it effectiveness. I’m willing to bet you’ll be able to tell a difference in the first week and you’ll have made great progress at the end of a month.” 

In 1996 Vic Johnson’s life was upside down–he and his family were evicted from their rented home after a judge gave them 48 hours to find another place to live. A year later the last automobile they had was repossessed leaving the family without transportation so for more than a year they borrowed a 10 year old “junker” (car) from a friend. Things got so bad for him that in 1997 he qualified for the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit because he earned below the US Poverty Level for a family of five. Vic had become a student of personal development in his early 20s and had become successful as a business owner and political campaign manager/consultant but had gotten away from the success principles he had learned after giving away his collection of Denis Waitley,ZigZiglar and Earl Nightingale materials. Vic says that the next 20 years were filled with mistakes by living with some very bad principles that led to the situation he found he and hisfamilyin in 1996.

Vic’s view is much different these days—both figuratively and literally. After successfully changing his negative view of his circumstances he now has a gorgeous view of sunsets over a beautiful 6000 acre lake from the top deck of his 2 story multi-million dollar lake house. Vic has been quoted as saying, “The economy has zero, I mean has absolutely nothing to do with your personal economy, unless you allow it. It’s about looking beyond that, to where you want to go.” Now you may be thinking that he’s talking about the current economy and you may be tempted to think—“well, it’s easy for him to say that—he already has a nice lifestyle” (many people think that you have to have money to make money) but he’s speaking about his life in the mid 1990s. During that period of time the economy was in the middle of the largest expansion in the history of mankind but Vic was earning below the US Poverty Level.

Then in 2001 while many companies were filling for bankruptcy and most people were just trying to survive the recession initiated by the Dot Com bust he decided to launch his Internet business. His business took off  like a flash and generated him a six-figure income in it’s first year. So while conventional wisdom would have said “just lay low until the recession is over” his self talk was saying, “I can do it—I know I can”. Most peoples’ self talk would have been saying, “timing is everything” and “I’m just waiting until the right time” but Vic’s self talk was saying, “I know that I can accomplish anything I choose and I refuse to let anything hold me back or stand in my way”. Vic recognized that his personal economy was not determined by the state of the US Economy but his state of mind. He also recognized that he had created the situation he found himself in during those dark years in the mid-1990s and that his circumstances had not been created overnight but with over 20+ years of wrong thinking, wrong behavior, and wrong actions.

Vic's View From His Beautiful Lake House

Like most people who find themselves in negative circumstances, he was playing the blame game rather than accepting the responsibility for his own life. Vic says that a “watershed moment” for him came when he couldn’t even afford to buy his only daughter a present for her 13th birthday—after crying himself to sleep he woke up the next morning with the realization that if he had created the “mess” he was in then he, and only he, could get himself out of that “mess”. He decided that if he was responsible for where he was then he was also responsible for where he was going. Vic created his Self Talk CD (aka Positive Affirmations CD) with many of the same positive affirmations that he used to transform his own life and has made the CD an integral part of his Goals Programs, as well as his Think & Grow Rich Seminar program. His Self Talk CD has helped arguably thousands of people to overcome their own self-imposed limitations and one such person is Ron White (not the comedian) who is the current US Memory Champ—having won the title for two consecutive years.


Read What Ron White Says About Vic's Affirmations CD


Regular Use Of This High Definition Audio CD:

  • Rewires neural pathways to eliminate bad habits, stop procrastination, maximize weight loss, develop laser focus and create faith in your ability to achieve what you truly desire.

  • Overcomes years of negative programming and eliminates the self-sabotaging behavior that brings your best efforts to a screeching halt and stunts your personal growth.

  • Reprograms the mental script that lies at the heart of all anxiety problems, ranging from nervousness and extreme worrying to anxiety disorders.


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How can I offer such a low price for this CD, that usually is not even available without purchasing other programs? Vic changed the graphics on the CD and now sells them in their own custom designed cases so I was able to secure a limited quantity of his bulk inventory. And, although the CDs are shipped in plain jewel cases they have the very same content as his current Affirmations CD.

So if you want to take advantage of this one-time special offer I encourage you to order now because when they’re gone, they’re gone.

 $9.49 + Free Shipping


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